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In the future where genetic transplantation ensures success, a young girl with near perfect DNA must change the system if she is to survive.   Spec screenplay. SciFi/Action   100 pages. Final Draft/PDF  

Only Human

After spending five years in an insane asylum, a former anthropologist realises that she was always of sound mind and her incarceration a coordinated plot to hide her research. Female lead.   Drama/Action   110 pages.   Spec screenplay available for download.   Final Draft/PDF Please request via contact form below:

Age Of Reason

In the near future when political success is solely based on popularity contests one candidate must come up with a plan to win the presidency without compromising her integrity.   A  new spec TV pilot available for download. Drama 60 pages. Final Draft/PDF Please request via contact form below:

London Gods

When a tragic underground train wreck results in the awakening of ancient violent beings, a group of tube passengers must race to save London and the world from annihilation.   A four quadrant tent pole spec screenplay available for download. High concept/action/fantasy   110 pages. Final Draft/PDF Please request via contact form below: