“Hello World!” seems like a good place to start. As a site belonging to a writer you would be expecting (and rightly so) a fair amount of reading material. Your expectations will be met, however the speed at which these musings, literary gems and other verbose meanderings of my digital pen is up for debate…

Like many of my ilk, I am ideas rich but time poor. This isn’t to infer I am constantly traveling the globe at glamorous premieres, signing deals and on red carpets (although…..). Quite often I’m doing the dishes and washing my socks.

Many of my  hours are also spent sitting staring into space, mouth slightly ajar and likely to be surrounded by increasing concerned members of the public.

This catatonic state being frightening after the second hour, my advice to good samaritans is to first check if the person in the airport lounge is not perhaps a writer.

If so, you are free to ignore, they are most likely carefully mentally miles away carefully building worlds and plotting scenes.

You are free to intervene however if said writer is:

A. Seated on the edge of a cliff

B. Displaying an over 45% angle tilt of their extremely hot large coffee. Please hurry if this beverage is precariously over their laptop or notebook or private parts.

C. Driving.


I have added links to my linkedin profile (for professional queries) and my twitter account ( as it forces me to cut my rambling).

Feel free to follow, like, link to and generally be my friend.


In closing I leave you with these words at least:

All the words I use in my stories can be found in the dictionary—it’s just a matter of arranging them into the right sentences.

– Somerset Maugham


Yours Appreciatively,

R A Haupt