Fangirls and Original Scripts….


Just over 20 years ago there was a small but extremely well stocked “Script Shop” in Sydney Australia. I had no idea it was there, tucked down a Harbourside laneway, round the back of Chinatown.

A treasure trove of original movie scripts – from where I have no idea in retrospect – but luckily this fangirl found two of her favourites nestled in-between scores of others that would have been bought had my fledgling bank account stretched another few bob.

Almost a decade later I had the chance to have Gilliam sign his. He was somewhat surprised – I was somewhat estatic to say the least.

I remember it was a corner shop, and it was small. I was working on one of the first feature films being shot at the newly or almost completed Fox Studios lot – Sydney Showgrounds.

Blade Runner comes in at 133 pages, dated 1981 and the ending:


CREDITS ARE ROLLING, God help us all!