After over twenty years the Feature Film industry, Rachael has an impressive amount of experience in storytelling.

With films such as Babe, Gladiator, Troy, IRobot, King Kong and many of the Harry Potter films on the list. Starting out in animatronics and hopping aboard the digital train, Rachael has worked for many of the industries biggest directors and producers including Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson, David Heyman and legendary VFX director at Weta Joe Letteri.

Ever professional, calm under pressure and some one who genuinely loves her job, Rachael is a boon to any production, both big or small.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst she will do her best to keep this site updated and interesting, please forgive her (or me actually as Im typing this but strangely talking in the third person…) if there are a few lapses! I am a vey busy lady…but I do care. 🙂